Cool Hack to Save Your Patio!

In my last post The Secret to Productivity, I covered the idea that there’s more to life than working. As long as we live, there will always be work, but it’s wise to enjoy your life by making the time to relax!!!

Recently, my little-big family and I moved to a place with a small patio, I couldn’t wait to put some furniture on it to create a nice little escape for all of us to enjoy. Once spring hit and our Wisconsin weather got better, I thoroughly enjoyed our cozy outdoor space. Unfortunately, soon after constructing the furniture, I ran into a large hiccup enjoying our cute little pillows that accented our cute little couch. Either they were constantly  knocked over by one of us and/or gusty winds, or cute little woodland creatures would attempt to carry my beloved pillows away! Since we live on an upper floor, I found myself paranoid and constantly looking out the window making sure they didn’t disappear off the balcony or constantly going outside to pick them up. I once had to go downstairs and climb around the neighbor’s patio bush to retrieve one of them—-Not cool! After a few days of one issue after the other, I wasn’t enjoying my outdoor space as much. So like always, when I run into a problem, I had to come up with a solution fast or else I and my patio furniture were not going to be friends!!!

So, I looked around online for different solutions, including shopping for some kind attachment clips for my pillows, but to no avail. However, I did not lose hope; I had to be innovative. Then, EUREKA! I came up with a plan so efficient and so cool that I HAD to share it! The total construction time only took approximately 15 mins, and here it goes…

Patio Hack 5 2016

1. Bought ribbon.
Preferably a color closest to my pillow.

2. Pulled out my tools.
 The hot glue gun is easy to use, especially for fabrics. I also used scissors to cut the ribbon to at least 12 inches to work with (just in case).

Patio Hack 5 20162

3. Glued ribbon to pillow.
I made sure to give the tip of ribbon roughly an inch fold to give it extra weight and a neat look, then glued it directly to the back center of the of pillow (I also made sure the tagged area of the pillow was positioned down).

4. Positioned Pillow.
I had to make sure to find the best angle that worked with the pillow and find the area to weave the ribbon. Once weaved, I trimmed the ribbon accordingly, but left enough room for the knot.

Patio Hack 5 20163

5. Anchored the ribbon.
After testing my pillow’s pulled position, I slip-knotted the ribbon to anchor it in place (with a little extra slack). I also tied it in that manner to pull the extra end to free the knot when I’m ready to wash the pillows in the future.


6. Completion!
I repeated the process with the remaining pillow and now I’m all done and worry free.—No more babysitting my patio pillows!!! For additional precautions to keep the squirrels and other critters away, I sprayed the pillows with peppermint essential oil. It’s a natural mood booster for humans, but will repel the now non-threatening creatures because of the strong scent.

Now, I’m back to loving my patio again and even more because of this convenient trick. I hope this helps anyone else out there with the same dilemma. I’ll be sure to post more hacks to help us all enjoy our lives much more as I come across them.

Until next time,
Didi Hayden 🙂







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