Happy #ChildrensBookWeek!


If anyone truly knows me, they’ll know that I have ALWAYS been a huge Children’s book fan. I can still remember being captivated by all the illustrations wanting to know who the illustrator was and how they’d do the “magical” things they’d do. By the age of 6, I had my mind made up, I wanted to be an illustrator too. I envisioned it, professed it (to my super supportive mother) and it was a done deal from there. Now nearly 30 years later, I’m living my dreams writing and illustrating children books; and I hope to inspire positive change in the world with my works the way I was decades ago.

So, in honor of ‪#‎ChildrensBookWeek‬, I want to encourage you to grab a copy of Book #1: Moving Day of my very own children’s book series The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids! A book series designed to help navigate young readers through the journey of life. Moving Day specifically addresses change and how we parents, guardians, mentors, etc. can help our young ones understand to adapt.

For more details concerning the series, feel free to visit www.cfrkids.com.

I thank you for helping a little girl’s dreams come true; your support of spreading the word is greatly appreciated!


– Dionna L. Hayden


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