Happiness, Uninterrupted



Studies show that by journaling daily at least 3 things you are grateful for increases happiness and decreases stress and depression.

Many times many of us believe happiness comes from external means, like gaining money, earning a promotion, buying a nice house, etc., but that kind of material happiness is fleeting; then moments later, we’re on our way to promptly refill our dose of “happy” with something else. However, lasting happiness [peace and joy] must be discovered and cultivated on the inside. There are many intangible blessings we already have in our lives that we often overlook because we are too busy following other means too see them. The remedy to this issue is simply slowing down to pay closer attention and appreciating the life and beauty in our world like smelling the roses, achieving personal growth, enjoying the company of a loved one, or delighting in the laughter of our children creates an inner paradise that we control and foster for as long as we choose to. A bonus to this type of happiness means we become contagious to those we encounter like walking thermostats of joy despite the social temperatures around us.

So the next time you’re in a little bit of a slump and need a boost, focus on the true treasures you already have, it really does work!



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