Slow Down.

Slow Down High Res
Photo and art by Dionna L. Hayden

In the hustle and bustle society we live in, it’s always tempting to be in a hurry with our daily tasks like getting to school, driving to work, making appointments or deadlines on time. In our continual efforts in constantly rushing, we lose more and more ground in making quality decisions which many times leads to easily making costly mistakes.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint!¬†Everyday, it’s wise to remind ourselves to practice becoming more like the tortoise and less like the hare, being slow and steady in all of our efforts. In doing such, we reap the benefits of getting the best quality, workmanship and enjoyment in our everyday lives.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. zachary says:

    Thanks for the reminder! Good morning!!


      1. zachary says:

        No problem! Will be following along. Feel free to stop by Take care!


  2. joegergen says:

    Love it. Slow down to speed up. We need to take some time to reflect. Not paying attention to who you have become leads to mistakes.

    I wrote about re-examining oneself the other day. I think you would like the sentiment.



    1. Nice. I’m checking it out asap. Thanks!


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