Rising Above the Clouds

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Sometimes there’s so much ugly in the world going on that it’s easy to forget that there’s always beauty going on as well. No matter how cloudy life appears, the sun is always present and always shining. We just have to remember to look above the clouds. – Didi Hayden

Hello world, it’s a new year and it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. A huge reason why was because my 2013 was one of the most tumultuous but yet glorious years in my entire life! It was the year of deeper soul searching that included discovery, rediscovery, tearing down and rebuilding. I’ve learned a lot about where I’ve come from, where I am, where I’m heading and what I have to gain or lose to get there. Through all the extreme highs and low, I was given the grace to see much more clearly than ever before. My perspective had took a paradigm shift in the right direction; and because of it, I was able to endure and overcome in a way I would never found humanly possible in previous years.

In due time, the details of this leg of my journey will be revealed, but right now I do have another story to share. Did you hear about the Chicago Bulls’ basketball player Jimmy Butler? I’m not a big sports buff, but my dad is. So when Daddy posted Jimmy’s story on Facebook, I decided to take a look and was immediately captivated by it. This story is a powerful example of hope and perseverance through tremendous adversity from homeless teen to NBA player. (Before I continue, note that it’s not the NBA that amazes me, but his attitude to overcome the most excruciating times of his life that does.) This guy was torn down every way possible and left without much to survive; but by the grace of God, he persisted  through it all by using the stumbling blocks in his life as stepping stones to greatness. He had every reason quit, but fought for his reality to change for the better. Simply AMAZING! [Check out the video link here.]

Jimmy Butler’s story is a also a true testament to the power of hope programmed within every individual. With hope, it is possible for us to avoid becoming victims of our circumstances. We were designed to be resilient like the eagle; instead of flying through the storm, the eagle uses the storm to lift it higher to rise above it! So in the same likeness, we too can choose to rise above our storms by focusing our perspective to higher places [mindsets, dreams and goals] that will give us the boost we need to make it.

So I say this to you to help empower you not only for your new year, but for the rest of your life to consider the eagle and not lose hope. Rise up! Because your hope is the engine that keeps your faith running (Isaiah 40:31). No matter how cloudy or stormy life gets, remember that the sun is always present and always shining. You have to remember and choose to look above the clouds to make it through to the next phase of your life’s journey.

P.S. Thank you Daddy for the amazing post!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Markesha Hilliard says:

    Very true and well written article!! Perspective is key. From his story, some see the NBA as the “prize” when the prize really is in the moments he chose to use his circumstances as an elevator and rise above defeat. Love this!! I get it!


    1. Well said Markesha! Thank you for the insight!!!


  2. Kiarra says:

    Very well written Di! This was a great reminder for me to never give up when face with difficulties in life but, to always fly above my storm clouds!


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