Save the World…But First Do the Dishes!

“If you take care of the small things,
the big things take care of themselves.
You can gain more control over your life by
paying closer attention to the little things.”
– Emily Dickinson

Hello again! For the sake of this post, I’m going to start things off by putting myself out here on blast. All while growing up, I loved to be an achiever by actively pursuing the arts, getting good grades, winning contests and receiving awards for my achievements, but one of my major flaws was I couldn’t stand doing chores, especially doing the dishes! When it was my turn to do them, it was like pulling teeth! I HATED doing the dishes!!! So to avoid my responsibilities, I would procrastinate literally all day, sometimes into the wee hours of the next morning before I’d dared to attempt the task and since my mom was a stickler for a tidy house, things didn’t go too sweet for me and my lack of discipline! For years, I thought that my beef was with the dishes because I didn’t see the importance of doing them, especially if we had a dish washing machine that could do it for me, but one day the light bulb went off, doing the dishes wasn’t the problem, it was the solution to a problem that lied within me.

“Wax on…Wax off!”

How many of you 80’s pop culture fans remember ‘The Karate Kid’? For those of you who don’t, the story is about a handyman/ martial arts master named Mr. Miyagi who teaches a bullied teen, Daniel, how to become a karate master. In the sequence where their paths dramatically cross, poor Daniel is getting a beating from his tormentors. When the elderly Mr. Miyagi leaps in to save Daniel, he clobbers the boys in like 10 seconds and sends them packing. To further help Daniel overcome the bullying, Mr. Miyagi agrees to train Daniel in the arts. So on the first day, the young excited Daniel is troubled and disappointed to learn that he’s not instructed to learn cool karate moves, but to do Mr. Miyagi’s housework with no exceptions! Housework?! HUH?! The tasks included waxing Mr. Miyagi’s car, sanding his floors and even painting his fence with strict and specific movements and motions. Even though Mr. Miyagi’s requests seemed odd and unreasonable, it actually worked out in Daniel’s favor because all the while he was unknowingly learning to master the moves he needed to learn to defend himself! (P.S. I don’t plan to spoil the ending, so see the outcome for yourself!) 🙂

I know that we all are not destined to be karate masters, but many of us aim to be great at something in our lives. In whatever achievements we aspire to do, we cannot ignore the seemingly small and insignificant things that builds the foundation for our lives. The big picture of becoming that best-selling author, business mogul, or humanitarian always looks good in our minds, but they are supported by the things that really matter like good morals, principles and character built through the little things like being considerate of others, making quality decisions and practicing humility, discipline and self-control (like doing the dishes even when we don’t feel like it). 😉

No Cutting Corners!

True and lasting success isn’t given in one big package or moment, but developed by small ones! Stablility and maturity is established by mastering the “little” things with the right attitude. If we want to master the big things in life, we must master the “little” things that supports it like the little pieces of the puzzle that make the picture or the building blocks that come together to build the whole structure. If we gain success but are missing pieces, we will be immature [not ready] and deficient to handle the big moments that will come along. For example, there are many people who have won the lottery, but quickly lost it all or became downright miserable. Why?! Because, there were some important steps missed before the instant wealth hit their hands. So in our pursuit of doing and having big things, it’s best to start with the small!

…Now do the dishes!

You have big goals? Great, but first “do the dishes” by taking control over whatever “small” things you need to take care of in your life. I’m always tickled but enlightened by a this Joyce Meyer statement: “You can’t take authority over your life if you don’t have authority over a sink full of dirty dishes…”. If we can be trusted with the small things, then we will be ready for the big (Luke 16:10). God gives us the ability to do the incredible things He’s designed us to do, but it’s our job to grow up and mature so we can be ready to handle what big and great things may come with integrity [wholeness] and excellence.

Today, I no longer hate doing dishes, in fact I kind of like it—–not because it’s fun, but because I know it’s helping me stay grounded to being the best me I can be. In fact, it’s my little reminder that I constantly need maturing and refining as I step out and pursue my goals, passions and dreams. So thank you Mama for being the “Mr. Miyagi” in my life because I truly needed it! 😀

Now that I’ve dished (pun intended), I would looooove for you to share! What wisdom or things can you add in conjunction to this post that can shed more light on this topic? I would love to know. So feel free to share your piece and share this post so we can help spread the message.

Thanks again and until next post I’m still enjoying the journey,
Didi Hayden

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nakia McGee says:

    Very excellent topic to write about. It definitely make you stop and think what small things I’m looking over that may affect the big things I’m trying to pursue and could later cause a defect. If that makes sense. I enjoyed this and I’m going to go back and do those dishes. Lol!


    1. LOL! Me too—Thanks Nakia!


  2. munatsi says:

    Lovely, and insightful and true. ” The big picture of becoming that best-selling author, business mogul, or humanitarian always looks good in our minds, but they are supported by the things that really matter like good morals, principles and character built …”


    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed this read and hope you return for future posts.


  3. munatsi says:

    Reblogged this on Seasons In Her Life and commented:
    This is a great article on discipline and having a new attitude towards success and our general approach to every little thing that we think stands in the way of the things that we really want to do.


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