Catching and Exposing a Silent Thief!

The Face of Discontentment

Did you ever hear about the story of a girl, who complained about everything in life? Well, she complained about wanting a great career, so she enrolled in college. After a while, she complained about having too much homework and couldn’t wait to graduate. Shortly after graduating, she complained about not having a good job. After finally landing a great job, she complained about being single, so she got married. Soon after the I do’s, she complained about wanting to have children. So she had children and soon after complained that taking care of kids was hard work and couldn’t wait until they grew up and became independent. So when the children grew up and moved out the house, she complained about them not spending enough time with her! Years later, the girl became an old woman. Her husband had long passed away and her children were busy with their own lives and families. As she began to survey her life, she realized that in her pursuit of getting everything she wanted, she never took the time to really enjoy the different seasons of her life. Instead of pouting over homework, she could have taken a break to have fun with her friends. Instead of complaining about what her husband wasn’t doing around the house, she could’ve taken the time to laugh at his jokes and recieve his affections; and instead of being annoyed with babies’ cries and changing diapers, she could’ve given her children more hugs and kisses. When she eventually died, she had accomplished much physically, but lived her days in great regret and sadness….Never heard the story?! Of course you haven’t because I just totally made it up! 😉

My point of the story is to warn and expose a silent thief that has continually plagued and ruined the quality of lives of people for many generations and the generations to come. And this silent thief my friends is (the attitude of ) discontentment.

What is discontentment?…It is the lack of satisfaction with what one has (or where they are). This kind of attitude has and will cause people to constantly chase their tomorrows while robbing them of their todays. Discontentment is an enemy of gratefulness and is a close relative of complaining, murmuring and frustration. If discontentment is your friend, no matter how much you have or will gain in your life, you will never learn to appreciate it!

A really great historical example can be found in the life of King Solomon, who is in fact was (and still remains) the most wisest and most richest man that EVER walked the face of the earth! He had EVERYTHING he wanted and for the things he didn’t, it was nothing to simply have it! Let me put it this way, the man was so loaded with money, popularity, wives, friends, etc., that if he lived today, he’d be a super celebrity who’d most likely be on the cover of every mainstream magazine, constantly updated on the news and gossip columns and have ten times more followers than Aston Kutcher on Twitter! (Yeah, he was that loaded!) Ironically, having all these things did him no good because he too was plagued by the attitude of discontentment (Ecclesiastes 2). He became so frustrated to the point of depression searching for and chasing after the next best thing only to find that his efforts were meaningless. After exhausting his time, energy, money, popularity getting the things he thought he was looking for, he had finally came back to his senses and realized this pure nugget of wisdom…

“…So I commend the enjoyment of life, because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany them in their toil all the days of the life God has given them under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 8:25)

What Solomon experienced was that “day after Christmas” feeling that many of us had in our lifetimes—-that feeling of chasing that temporary shot of happiness that fades all so quickly. Thankfully, he was able to wake up and get up with the answer on how to end our constant battle with discontentment. We must slow down and learn to enjoy the seasons of our lives for the limited time they are here! In no manner is it wrong to plan ahead for tomorrow, but if we are consumed by tomorrow that we are not enjoying today, we run the risk of missing out on the many non tangible and priceless things that really matter in life.

So LIVE in the moment, take notes and LEARN during each season in life and while you do, ENJOY the journey so you can kick discontentment to the curb for good and live with great rewards and no regrets!

Can you relate to the story of the woman or Solomon’s experience? Feel free to post and share, you never know who may need to hear it! Thanks for stopping by again and be sure to follow up with more posts to come!

Forever Enjoying the Journey, Didi Hayden

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow…This was very inspiring!

    I can definitely can relate to Solomon. He, like most men are, was very goal oriented. Throughout history, men have frequently placed heavy value on the successful attainment of life’s greatest triumphs and the praises that comes with them. Therefore, like a drug, most men easily become addicted to validation through achievement. As a result, instead of taking time to ENJOY the success of life, (like a junkie) we’re left “feening” for our next “fix” (accomplishment).

    Reading this helped me re-evaluate my circumstance. I hope that more men and women read this! It’s time we all stop trying to impress each other and learn to be there for (and enjoy) our lives, family, and friends.

    Didi, you’re anointed for this. Keep the words of encouragement coming!

    God Bless~


    1. Thanks Kyle,
      That’s a great way of putting it. The funny thing is that this kind of “drug” appears initially harmless because the actions are not what we would consider as harmful. This is definitely not a black and white issue, but more so a heart issue that we need much learning and training to detect excess in our lives and how to bring a healthy balance to it. This is definitely something we should dig into in the near future.


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